Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Sister's Wish

so i had to share the news somehow, i figured i'd write a blog instead of a video.
back in november, i heard about this organization through a friend of mine having her wish granted. a new Macbook Pro to take to college. i quickly did some googling to find out more information on "The Sister's Wish." since i had a Make a Wish granted years ago, i was familiar with the wish granting process. but the difference with this organization is that it isn't nation wide, it's new england based. when i was 17, my Make a Wish was meeting a band, Fall Out Boy. i'm very grateful for that wish and have amazing memories from that time in my life, i wasn't going down that road again for a wish. i instantly thought a new Macbook Pro would be my answer, but i made sure i mulled it over for a few days. my other thoughts were shopping trips, maybe in NH or Boston. that was my girly side talking though. the thing i didn't like with the thought of a shopping trip, was that it wouldn't really be that helpful in my everyday life. i'm sure as hell not knocking on shopping sprees, i love them! but i wanted to think of something i'd use every single day, multiple times  a day even, and something i probably wouldn't ever be able to afford myself. (i mean, it's a wish right? you aren't given that opportunity too often!) i talked to my family, and decided on the 17" Macbook Pro with the protection plan. now, wait a second...i just gave an entire run down of my wish and decision process, you're probably wondering why i'm so special to receive this. here's some information copy and pasted right from The Sister's Wish website:

About our Organization...

The Sisters Wish was started by 2 sisters who 
experienced the loss of their
brother after a 20 year battle with Ewings 
Sarcoma that he courageously endured from the 
age of 4 to 24. In addition, the sisters also lost both 
their mom and dad 
while in their teens and 

They have made it their personal mission to take 
their grief and transform it into something positive.
The Mission of  "The Sisters 
Wish"  is to provide terminally 
or chronically ill young adults 
with a wish that will in 
someway improve their 
quality of life.

you might still be wondering "why her, what's wrong with her?" well, i have a disease called Friedrech's Ataxia. you guys can read up on it if you're interested!
once i sent in my application, i received an email about setting up a meeting with a volunteer from the program. i was so excited! it happened so fast, i thought there would be a longer waiting time. we sent a few emails back and forth, and met up during the first week of january. she took a bunch of notes on me and then we discussed the wish.  i did decide on the 17" Macbook Pro!! i'm typing this blog on my new laptop as we...speak;] i have a few photos i want to share with you of my new toy!
isn't it huge?!?!
thank you for reading this and letting me share my experience with all of you!!
please go and check out their website, maybe even pass the word along if you know someone who is eligible!

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  1. wow what a nice laptop! you're very lucky- have fun playing with it =]