Saturday, June 2, 2012

sheer cover concealer review

i recently received a sheer cover concealer duo in light/medium in my voxbox.
this is my first experience with sheer cover cosmetics. i have a bunch of concealers as it is so when i received my sheer cover duo concealer in light/medium in my voxbox, i wasn't too excited. but my opinion changed once i tried this out! i use it under my eyes for concealing bags and discoloration, and it's so creamy and blends phenomenally! i only use the light side because the medium is too dark for under my eyes. too bad this product wasn't bigger because i will seriously miss it when it's gone….all my other concealers are on the back burner right now while i am using the sheer cover duo concealer! thanks influenster!! purchase sheer cover products at
(before, and after shot)

Saturday, March 24, 2012


i have been neglecting my blog lately, i know. but i have been updating my youtube channel a lot lately! including my first giveaway:] just follow the link below and check it out, it'd be much appreciated! thanks<3 xox

Sunday, February 26, 2012

an experiment with the maybelline 24 hour shadows...

alright so everybody and their mother has heard about these shadows, my thoughts on them were obviously positive. but i thought, who wears make-up for 24 hours, besides prostitutes? so i used my sister in an experiment to put these shadows to the real 24 hour test. my sister gladly wore "tough as taupe" from 5pm thursday night, to 5pm friday night. i took photos at the beginning of the test (5pm thursday) then 10pm thursday night. then the next morning (friday) at 11am, then 2pm, then 5pm before she removed the makeup.
i'll cut to the chase and start off with the first photo.
here's 5pm, thursday the 23rd. just tough as taupe, no primer or anything.
5 hours later at 10pm, no creasing has occurred. 
..........................then she was sleeping..................
i took a picture the next morning after sleep and some homework. this is what i was waiting for, to see how it latest through the night.
wow! i was really impressed!! looks still intact after a nights sleep.
then we were going to go out for a bit to target, so she threw on some mascara, and we went on our way.
2pm, before target.
5pm rolls around and i was expecting some heavy creasing...after 24 hours of wear, come on now.
as you can see, the shadow is very sparse in certain spots, which was odd. also there seems to be a faint crease line. but all in all, i think this product holds up to the claims...maybe 22 hours shadow instead of 24? hahaha...good job maybelline! B+!!!
thanks for reading this and hopefully you appreciated this blog, it was fun to do!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

an oldie but goodie...loreal telescopic mascara!

so, i was unnecessarily in the cosmetics aisle at target today...and i was interested in purchasing this awesome mascara again! (plus i had a coupon) this is not my first time using this mascara, i had this all through high school too. it definitely adds length, and i love it! there's no flaking with this mascara and the brush is very skinny with short plastic comb like bristles.
here's before with no mascara.
and here's after with mascara! aren't they defined and awesome?!
this is an amazing combination i have found! length and volume! dynamic duo:D
this was a short blog post but i just wanted to talk about this mascara, it's a must have in any collection!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the newest viva glam-VIVA NICKI!

alright guys, i'm sure all of you are aware of the nick and ricky viva glam launch! i received my pre-order email about 2 weeks ago, but i didn't hear any hyper via twitter or youtube about the email. that is, until the following week. EVERYONE was tweeting about ordering it, some even received it in like 2 days! my boyfriend paid for mine on the 11th, it was my valentines present:] it came yesterday but unfortunately i had class to go to, so i couldn't really bask in the lipstick glory. but today i did swatches and photos for you!
this is a satin finish lipstick. in my opinion, viva glam nicki is an orangey/yellow toned pink. a lot different than the pink friday lip color. which i was nervous about being too similar.
here's a swatch side by side of viva glam and pink friday. pink friday is obviously more of a baby, blue toned pink (maybe even more wearable?)
this is all based on preference, but i probably won't be sporting viva glam all over town, it is a bit too loud for me. i may however, wear viva glam with mascara and call it good! this is more of a collectors item for me, which people think is ridiculous to spend so much on a lipstick and not wear it every single day. oh well, i don't buy many mac products so it's no biggie!
i do like how it looks, maybe for special occasions or certain videos!
and as for the ricky martin lip shine, i am totally skipping that. i am not a fan of him and i really don't want him endorsing any of my cosmetics.
thanks for reading! do any of you have this color yet?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

my nicki mini nail polish!

pink friday and save me polish.
hey guys! i went to ulta a few days ago, and i finally picked up the mini nick minaj polishes. (fly, did it on em, save me, and pink friday) they were 12.50 for those 4 mini bottles. i opted for the mini bottles because, otherwise they were 8.50 each, and i don't need any more polish! (so naturally i feel like mini bottles suffice because they aren't full size? meh) if i wanted to buy a full size, it would be pink friday because i love it! that was the first color i chose to paint my nails with. i thought it'd be festive for valentines:] anyway, i loved the look of pink friday! but i also liked save i tried save me on top of pink friday (i thought it'd totally be nick's style with the spunky glitter on top) and it looks really good!
as i have worn this for a few days now...i do have one complaint about the glitter. although it loos awesome in the bottle and on the nail, the longer pieces of glitter feel very gritty on the nail (even with a top coat!) when i say gritty i mean, when my nails rub against a blanket, or a piece of fabric, i get hairs attached to the glitters. they are almost a bumpy like consistency. when i stick my hands in my pockets, i get hairs stuck on my nails! i guess it's just the different confetti type glitters in this polish that attach themselves to hairs. it's a very cool glitter polish though! this is my only problem, but it won't stop me from using this in the future. i am excited to try the other colors though! which is your favorite nick polish?
thanks for reading!! <3

Monday, February 6, 2012

review on pantene pro-v aqua light shampoo & conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light 3.49 at my local target.

want hair with zero weight & 100% more nourishment?*
Then get the Pantene Aqua Light system—it works to nourish hair leaving hair detangled and conditioned. The system nourishes completely and rinses away in seconds, giving hair a beautiful condition without the weight.

i picked this up at target last week, i am always a sucker for new products! make-up or hair. anyway, the no silicone really intrigued me since i don't wash my hair everyday, and i try to avoid greasy products. i gave this the ultimate test of not washing my hair for 3 days to see if it would get heavy and greasy. surprisingly it didn't! when i brushed through, it felt as light as it did after i just washed it! the scent lingered too, it didn't fade away during the 3 days. and i don't know if this has to do with the new formula, but my scalp did not itch as bad as it does with other shampoos. also, my dandruff wasn't nearly as bad as it usually is! (i have very dry skin, and winter time is the worst)

the pantene website says these products can be used on all types of hair (although some reviews say it's only for fine hair) and i have thick, naturally wavy hair. (i straighten it) the scent is like any other pantene shampoo, which i love! when i squeezed the shampoo out in my hand, it felt very light weight and silky. i really liked applying this to my hair, it went through pretty smoothly! the conditioner was rather light too, unlike every conditioner i've used. they both seemed to wash out very clean and didn't leave residue. i will definitely be repurchasing this, hopefully they come out with bigger bottles!
thanks for reading! <3