Sunday, January 29, 2012

review on the Clinque Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder

a few sephora packages ago, i received a small sample of this powder. i was super excited because anything that takes care of redness perks my interest quite a bit. my cheeks are red, i'm not sure if it is rosacea or what, but it's what i'm dealing with. needless to say, i found that this power really works! it seems to work best with foundation, then this powder. i have worn it without foundation a few times and it was still good coverage, but with foundation is better. the only problem is too much of this powder can make you look ghostly. not pale, i mean white. so, don't pack it on so much and you'll be fine! here are some photos of the product itself:
it seems like there's a lot of product in here, so hopefully i'll get my 32.50 worth!
there's a compartment underneath with a little brush. i haven't used it yet (i use a fluffy brush) but for someone who doesn't have a brush, it's a nice little addition. 

i have some before and after photos, that shows quite a difference in the redness in my cheeks. these were taken without foundation.
so far, i'm pleased with this product. i'm glad i got the sample, because i'd probably never have found out about it. my only problem is the price, but it seems to work for me so i guess the 32 bucks doesn't matter too much! if i bought it, and it didn't work...then i would be pissed. haahaha. but, pick it up if you suffer from redness! i don't think you'll be disappointed :] thanks for reading!

Friday, January 20, 2012

maybelline illegal lengths mascara!

i picked up this mascara like a week ago at Rite Aid. i was on the hunt for all the new maybelline products! the formulation of this mascara is very similar to other maybelline mascaras, kind of wet. but workable.
the brush really isn't too special, but i wanted to get a good picture for you. the bristles are plastic, but not stiff plastic. they have a moldable feel.
i have a before and after picture of my lashes, it does awesome for lengthening!
the only downfall about this mascara is that it flakes and smudges after a long time of wearing it (like 10 hours) but i would definitely still buy this mascara, i am a collector of mascaras:] just look at the length it gives!

thanks for reading<3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

sigma video!!

hey guys! i have a new youtube video on the sigma cleansing & polishing tool! (face brush)
thanks everyone! please subscribe!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

little rite aid haul!! 1/11/12

so i went to a different rite aid today...with more brands than my other rite aid store! (prestige cosmetics, jesse's girl, etc) but i spent too much already so i didn't buy everything i wanted hahaha. hopefully i will go back soon and splurge some more!
wet n wild iconic single in stagedive+liner, e.o.s. balm in honeydew something...and an e.o.s. lotion in cucumber melon.
illegal lengths mascara, dream nude airfoam in classic ivory, dream bouncy blush in peach stain, and color tattoo shadow in too cool.
i'm so excited to try everything out! it's all in the package still, except the e.o.s. balm. i'm really looking forward to the new maybelline products! i was on the hunt for those!
i just had to get a photograph close-up of this shadow. look at the sparkles! awesome!
i'll be posting more blogs when i try out my new products more:] thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a little blurb on the sigma cleansing and polishing tool!

i want to make a video on this new purchase, but i'm giving myself more time to try it:]
i'll be making a video soon though, to update all on my experience with it for a week..
you might be wondering what i am talking about, haha. here it is!
like a lot of beauty enthusiasts, i was very interested in the clarisonic brush. but, 150 or 120 was way too much for i did searching and i heard olay had a brush similar to the clarisonic. i came across the sigma brush on a youtube video, and was very intrigued! after i few days, i went ahead and ordered it. i have used it for about 5 days and will make a video after the first week. then another video after a month! the brush is battery operated (not included) so you can't submerge it in water. the plastic case is nice to keep everything together. you get the soft, medium, and firm brush head.
firm brush head.
medium brush head.
soft brush head.
my favorite is the soft brush head! stay tuned for more blogs/videos on the usage! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

naked 2 palette!!!!!!!!!!

so, i jumped on the urban decay bandwagon, and bought my first naked palette! watch my video of my reaction! i wanted to get these swatches up for everyone interested. (excuse the hairy arm, my arms are heavily inked, so i have to take who ever is willing to help)
here we have: foxy (barely even visible), half baked, booty call, chopper
tease, snakebite, suspect
pistol, verve, YDK
busted, and blackout.

i haven't used this palette yet but i am so excited to! hopefully i'll come up with some good looks and post some pictures on here <3

Monday, January 2, 2012

long over-due post!

i chose a busy time in my life to start up a blog. thanksgiving, my 24th birthday on november 25th, getting ready for christmas, christmas parties, the new year..! oh, and not to mention i started a class on december 5th! busy busy busy! but i have been doing some videos on my youtube channel...if you want to check it out, and subscribe! that'd be awesome:]
i'm waiting on some make-up related packages in the mail, so i will be making more posts on here, and more videos. so please, don't think i have stopped using this. i will be back in full swing!

<3 <3 <3